1. Every candidate seeking for admission must be introduced in person by his/her
    parent or guardian.
2. Admissions are made strictly on the basis of merit as per their marks in the
    entrance test and interview of the candidate.
3. At the time of admission the following particulars need to be furnished.
     a. Transfer certificate countersigned by a proper authority.
     b. Conduct certificate (for students from class VII on wards)
     c. Birth certificate and community certificate.
     d. Annual Exam report of previous class.
4. The fees once paid will not be refunded even if the pupil, for any reason, opts to
    leave the school immediately.
5. No child younger than five or older than seven is admitted to class I.
6. Every pupil is required to have an attendance of not less than 90% of the total
    number of working days. Unauthorized absence of 15 days will involve the
    removal of the pupil’s name from the rolls.
7. The application for a transfer certificate should be given to the Principal in
    writing. A week’s notice is required and a fees of Rs. 50/- should be paid. Those
    who intend to take T.C. at the end of the academic year will have to apply for it
    before 31 st March. After this date they will be given to those who have fully
    settled their dues.

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